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Moving a Parent into a Care Center: How to cope when other relatives don’t understand your decision Part of the Transforming Life as We Age Special Report Beth came up to me, tears in her eyes. “My cousins came into town,” she lamented. Normally this would not seem like a big deal, but Beth’s cousins […]

Pick Up a Book for a Longer Life A certain amount of reading every day offers a ‘survival advantage’ By Heidi Raschke Oh, dear. Another reason to feel guilty for not cracking my summer reading list. At first, I was thrilled when I glanced at the headline of a recent story in The Guardian about […]

Palliative Care Is Not Just for Hospice Patients Confusion between it and hospice means some get less care July 20, 2016 By Jennifer L. Boen (This article appeared previously in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel/New America Media.) Rozanne and Gerald Hallman were thrust unexpectedly and severely into the land of the seriously ill when, in late […]

Part of the Transforming Life as We Age Special Report Janet Prochazka was active and outspoken, living by herself and working as a special education tutor. Then, in March, a bad fall landed her in the hospital. Doctors cared for her wounds and treated her pneumonia. But Prochazka, 75, didn’t sleep or eat well at […]

A positive attitude about aging makes older adults more resilient when facing stressful situations, according to new research from North Carolina State University published in the Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences. The researchers asked 43 adults between the ages of 60 and 96 to complete a daily questionnaire for eight consecutive days. At the beginning […]

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